Not so long ago I was listening to a talk by a Swedish academic on rhythm and ritual in architecture and design. The rhythm referring to the things that happen in nature. Rain, wind, light and shadows. The rituals, the human actions or moves that emerge as we respond to natural events to protect or expose ourselves to the rhythms of nature. Although I do not remember much more about the talk and, at some point, it became rather technical the idea of rhythm and ritual and how our lives flow stuck in my mind. It made reflect on the rhythm of my life and my daily moves from calming my mind through meditation, energizing through exercise and getting some fresh air and sun, the morning ritual of cleansing your body, breakfast and the daily ritual of getting my cup of coffee. Organizing, working, getting in touch with family and friends, and the movements that accompany these activities which are integral to my overall wellbeing. These reflections on how my day unfold have become part of my daily practices and make me look forward to the day ahead. My personal rituals include reflecting on my day briefly in the evening before bed and thinking about the day ahead when I wake up. I never know for certain how the day will shape up, as I am not rigid with routines nor very disciplined, but there are some things that I try to keep constant even if sometimes these get out of synch, shortened or interrupted. I know, for example, that I need to spend some time without screens at least a couple of hours before bed and that helps my sleep. I also know some form of exercise in the morning clears my head and also brings fresh ideas. Some activities and moves make me lethargic and others energize me. I suggest you spend some time understanding your habits. Your key moves, the things that give a pattern to your day and your key ritual moments. Think about to what extent these daily moves, patterns and rituals contribute to your wellbeing. Are these good for your body and mind? Do they allow you to appreciate the beauty in nature or art? Do they connect you with others in a positive way? Do they make you happy? Do they allow you to express your creativity in some way? Do they make you wealthier? This reflection may help you prioritize and make adjustments or changes to live your life better aligned with your purpose thereby contributing to your ease of being.