Reflecting on the past year

As we approach the end of the year, this is a good time to reflect on the things that have happened to us and to understand this particular moment in our lives. It is also a time when we stop to re-charge and think about the future. Enjoy a peaceful break!

First impressions

First impressions are important, particularly if there aren’t many other opportunities to make an impression, like in a job interview context. However, I have often noticed, with my students for example, that my first impressions changed after I got to know them...

Our daily rhythms and rituals

Not so long ago I was listening to a talk by a Swedish academic on rhythm and ritual in architecture and design. The rhythm referring to the things that happen in nature. Rain, wind, light and shadows. The rituals, the human actions or moves that emerge as we respond...

Upcoming workshops

Next planned workshop will be in a Sydney city venue in September. You can register your interest for future workshops and we will keep you posted. Register via ‘contact’ or email: Look forward to seeing you at the next...


Proud to have contributed to Renaissance magazine, the first fashion magazine with no models under 40.